New for 2020:   Fringes, Fur & Feathers

Fashion in the 1920’s reflected a new age of freedom for women coming out of the shadow of the First World War. The hemline began to rise, the silhouette became flatter and more boyish, accessories were fun and frivolous.

Come and see how the ‘Flapper’ generation influenced style in Pickering 100 years ago.

Previous Exhibitions

Six Decades of Victorian Fashion (2019)

Come with us on a journey through Queen Victoria’s reign, told by the fashions of the decades.  Crinolines and bustles come and go - and come back again!  Caps and bonnets frame the face with lace and ribbons, and ladies’ hands stay warm with mittens and muffs.  Spare a thought too for the maids who washed, starched, dried and ironed the layers of petticoats and undergarments needed to create the silhouettes demanded by fashion.  A must see!  

Sun, Sea and Sandals: Holiday fashion through the ages (2018)

New for 2018 was an exhibition exploring how holiday fashions changed over time. From swimming to sunbathing, we explored the fashions worn at popular seaside destinations, alongside postcards, tourist guides and other holiday accessories.

50 years in 50 objects (2017)

Our exhibition for 2017 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Beck Isle Museum. Museum staff and volunteers selected 50 objects from the collection to demonstrate the wide-ranging items the museum cares for, both in terms of date and theme. From Stone Age arrowheads, to 19th century costume, to 1960s household appliances, the museum cares for a vast range of treasures.  Many of the objects tell us something about the history of Pickering, the businesses, trades and the stories of those that lived here. The museum collects and preserves objects which help to document the growth of Pickering as an agricultural centre and its development as a market town. Only part of the collection can fit on public display so for this exhibition we have chosen items from the museum store, many of which have not been exhibited before.

Costumes for Christening, Marriage and Mourning (2016)

A selection of costumes were chosen from our collection to illustrate three important milestones; birth, marriage and death. Each of these ceremonies has its own customs and traditions, some aspects of which have remained the same throughout the centuries, whilst others have changed over time. The style, cut and fabric of clothing can tell us about these customs and how people conducted themselves through these landmark events.

Bicycles at Beck Isle (2015)

In celebration of the Tour de Yorkshire passing through Pickering, an exhibition of historic bikes went on display at the museum. This exhibition included a 1907 Rudge-Whitworth ‘Speed Iron’ racing bicycle and a Harding Rotary Bicycle from the 1950’s, along with cycling accessories and old photographs.